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Re: OOTP: Out of the Park Baseball
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Yeah, the draft talent drop off doesn't make much sense. I'd love them to overhaul the amateur scouting.

It sounds like they did a little bit:
I'm most excited for the overhauled AI... I hope it improves trade logic.

That sounds like a HUGE improvement. I used to get really peeved that, even when I was in the first round, all the remaining draft picks had potential ratings of 1 star. I just didn't understand what the point of drafting was at that point. And about half the pitchers were pure relievers - the first time I got a top-10 pick, I drafted a pure reliever because he was the only decent pitching talent in the draft. He's turned into a pretty solid setup guy, and his stamina's 13 so I could try stretching him out, I guess.