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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 3
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This John Lannan gave up 8 baserunners and threw 105 in 5.1 IP.  He pitched decently but got bailed out by his bullpen at the end of it.

I absolutely get that. He's been the same way in every single start he's made since coming back from AA. The difference is that he's not letting those baserunners score. Before he'd have a nervous breakdown if a guy got on base and it was game over. I thought it was luck the first two games. Now four games, and it's the same thing, tons of base runners but very few scored? He also had a season high in strikeouts today. It's not just luck that the base runners aren't scoring. So as much as I would like to see a lower WHIP, and as much as I am one of Lannan's biggest critics, right now he is a reliable starter doing a remarkable job. His WHIP has always been high since he's a ground ball pitcher, so that isn't a concern of mine so long as they continue not to score. Likewise, I know it's gist a matter of time before those base runners do start scoring. Lannan has proven he's not this good of a pitcher, so the blowout is coming, and coming soon.