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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 3
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Nice, solid win today. As has already been said, this just goes to show we are damn close to contending. Add a few more pieces and this is a sweep for the Nats.

All that said, I just don't get Lannan. How do you get shelled by AA pitching after being sent down, starting the year as your major league teams ace, then come back up and look ridiculously good in front of the DBacks, a decent hitting team, and now the Braves? Why can't this jackass pitch like this consistently? If this John Lannan shows up everyday, it improves the team so much going into next year it's sick. And yet we all know it's inevitable that the old John Lannan will rear his ugly head sooner rather than later.

I'm torn on Ramos. Damn do I want to see him everyday from now until 2020. But Neves is such a great guy, and no one deserves to have their first born result in losing his job. Yeah, it's a business, etc. But I guess you've got to send Ramos back down and let Nieves stay until the end of the season, with Ramps coming back Sept 1. Not ideal, but Wil's been with us too long and is too good of a human being to do something so low handed to when our season was already over months ago.

But, definitely a good game and a good sign of where things are heading.