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Re: Rank the Nats top prospects
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Are you saying that you would rather have the Nats system than the Royals system?

The Royals have 5 guys who are top 30 prospects in baseball (Hosmer, Moustakas, Montgomery, Myers, and Lamb). Not to mention Duffy, Melville, Colon, and Dwyer. That is 9 guys who are potential Top 100 guys. How many teams could say that? Tell me what Nats pitching prospects are better than Montgomery, Lamb, Duffy, or Dwyer? You tell me how many Nats prospects will make the top 100? Maybe 4 (Espinosa, Harper, Ramos, Norris).

Royals have arguably the best system in baseball. Callis and other prospect guys have said so numerous time. That being said you can't compare what Rizzo has done in two drafts to what Moores been able to do in 4. Y'all have more quality prospects than us at this time but none of the guys u mention above have the potential of Harper or Strasburg.