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Re: Rank the Nats top prospects
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To be fair. I don't think Bowden is checking the Nats system daily for stats on the guys he drafted. He probably checked a few weeks ago and saw Burgess having a mediocre season in A ball. Burgess has been a disappointment. He had a .982 OPS and .561 Slg his first year. Then had 24 HR and .477 SLG his second year as a 19 year old. Since then he has been disappointing. In 3 seasons in Potomac, he has a .427 SLG and .762 OPS. That is disappointing for a guy touted as a guy with a lot of raw power.

Good job ignoring the age factor and ignoring Burgess playing much better the last 2 months at Potomac this year then tearing up Harrisburg in his first month long stint there (1.039 OPS).