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Re: Rank the Nats top prospects
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Callis came out with a new Top Ten for the Nats today I like it besides the fact that he didn't include Eury Perez. Eury hit .339 BA .384 OBP and .451 SLG post all-star break oh and he stole 41 of his 64 total SB's post all-star. Eury needs to raise his OBP a little bit but other than that I have no complaints and he had a great first season dayview. People outside of the Nats Community don't know much about him but I think after people do some more research this summer. He'll be getting a lot of love as a sleeper prospect going into next year.

Here's Callis's new list:
My Top 10:
1. Bryce Harper, of
Has monster power, though he won't match Strasburg's immediate impact.
2. Wilson Ramos, c
Matt Capps trade freed Ramos from being blocked by Joe Mauer with Twins.
3. Derek Norris, c
Still needs to polish bat and defense, but he has power and on-base ability.
4. A.J. Cole, rhp
First-round stuff earned him $2 million as a fourth-rounder.
5. Sammy Solis, lhp
Don't be surprised if the $1 million second-rounder outperforms Cole.
6. Danny Espinosa, ss
Solid defender has cannon arm and surprising pop (40 HR in 2009-10).
7. Chris Marrero, 1b
Best proven all-around bat in system, though little defensive value.
8. Brad Pea****, rhp
Runs his fastball up to 95, flashes solid knuckle-curve and changeup.
9. Michael Burgess, of
Power potential remains impressive, but will he make enough contact?
10. Yuneski Maya, rhp
Former Cuban national team ace got $8 million big league contract.