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Top 10 Nats Prospects
1. Bryce Harper, RF
- Number 1 pick in the 2010 draft likely top 15 prospect in the minors coming into next year. Unquestioned number 1 in our system.
2. Danny Espinosa, 2B
- The glove is major league ready, Rizzo is just looking for him to get better on recognizing breaking balls which is why he'll be playing winter ball this year. If he does that successfully and starts off hot in Syracuse next year he'll be in the majors by June.
3. Derek Norris, C
- Former number 2 in our system i'm putting him below Espi because he's not as much of a guaranteed ML player. Love Norris's plate discipline I believe his BA and SLG go back up next year. Look forward to seeing how he does in the AFL this summer.
4. Wilson Ramos, C
- People rave about his Defense and he'll definitely be a ML catcher. Whether he's a back up or starter will depend on his bat.
5. A.J. Cole RP
- Top ten draft prospect coming into the year. Definite first rounder if not for his strong commitment to Miami. Nats got him and now he's the highest upside arm we have in the minors.
6. Sammy Solis LP
- College Arm that is supposed to be quick to the majors.
7. Eury Perez CF
- My favorite prospect and former GCL player of the year. He has the highest ceiling of any of our OF prospects other than Bryce Harper if he can put it all together. He currently has 49 SB's, so he definitely has the speed to be a good defensive CF. He's hitting .307 w/ a .765 OPS since the all-star break.
8. Destin Hood LF
- Has done very well in his first full pro season. Once his double turn into HR's he'll really take off, also needs to work on his plate discipline.
9. Brad Peacock
- Has the stuff to succeed at the ML level I love his K rate the last two years.
10.  Stephen Lombardozi 2B
- Does nothing spectacular but has done well at every level so far. Looking forward to seeing how he measures up to the AFL competition.

Players To Watch:
Adrian Sanchez
Bobby Hansen
Michael Burgess
T. Moore
Brandon King
J.P. Ramirez
Robbie Ray