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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 1
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Olsen needs to consistently keep his rhythm going like he is now.  When he slows down and takes time b/w pitches, that is when the the ugly side of his pitching persona rears its ugly head.  He is looking really good right now, though, and the Braves must be wondering how they are getting dominated by him for the second time this season.

I have mixed feelings on Olsen more than any other pitcher on the staff.  He has the ability and can put up some real solid efforts, but he has very little consistency and a growing injury history.  It'd be nice if he could nail down a spot with a string of good performances, but it seems more akin to his baseball persona to come out and throw a stinker next week.  Of course, he has to finish this one first.

I've noticed that when he overthrows the ball from the beginning, he usually can't locate his pitches well at all. When his fastball is around 89-90, that's when he pitches well. Weird.