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Re: Nationals @ Dodgers, Game 1
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Since this is my 1000th post I might as well get a little emotional. First of all, My family and The Balester family, would like to let all the posters know that we do appreciate everyone's support of one of the WNFF's own Collin Balester.
Also, a big shout out goes to Tomterp, The Chief, Hammondnats, PANatsFan, HoustonNat,Galah, " Carol", and many other poster's who have PM'd me over the years.  You accepted me as a fan and now as "Just another" poster! By the way I like Sportsfan882! Most of the time he is brutally honest and I respect him for that! Thanks to everyone who came to Balester's Bloggers nite! It was great to meet all of you there.
One of these days we will meet at the good ole' ballpark and have a laugh or two with a few beverages of your choice! ( we will send Collin and Ashley the tab!  :shock:) Thanks again to all of you who donate to Ashley's charities that she is so passionate about!  Go Nats! Go WNFF! Go Balester! God Bless America and our Nats! :clap: