Author Topic: where is he now (formerly Follow the "Prospects:")? Carlos Alvarez, SS  (Read 4934 times)

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I know the guy is a black mark on the franchise, and made a joke of what was an already crumbling minor league system... but why was the guy shipped back to the Dominican?

His numbers warranted a promotion, not a trip back to the DSL. Was he deported by the United States when they figured out that he wasn't who he said he was, or did the Nationals voluntarily send him back home?

If the United States deported him, what's the points of the Nats holding on to him?

If the Nats sent him back home? What more does the guy need to prove to face advanced competition?

In 2008, his last year in the states, he hit .343/.431/.475/.906 in 181 at-bats in the GCL. Sure he was old for the league, but those stats are still solid and should have warranted a promotion, regardless of the drama surrounding him.

So, what happens? He doesn't get cut, he doesn't get promoted, he gets sent back to the Dominican to play on the Nats DSL team.

It's now 2010, Alvarez has been with the DSL team for two years now. Currently he's tearing up the DSL to the tune of .333/.476/.442/.918 in 129 at-bats.

Obviously the guy did a lot of damage to the franchise... but if you didn't plan on cutting him, why wasn't he promoted up to see if he could still help the franchise down the line? I know he was older than the players he was playing against... but with the numbers he put up, I'm surprised he was never given a chance to prove he was the real deal against better competition.

So, does anyone know why he is on the DSL team? Is he not allowed in America? Do the Nats not want to bring him back? If so, why hasn't he been cut?

It's a controversial stance, but I want to know why a guy with his numbers, hasn't been given a legit chance to make it in pro ball?