Author Topic: Nationals vs Phillies, Game 2  (Read 12172 times)

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Re: Nationals vs Phillies, Game 2
« Reply #450: August 01, 2010, 09:47:15 AM »
Heading out to the game now.

Go Nats! Go Lannan! Lets get that sweep!!!

:clap: ill be there @ 12

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Re: Nationals vs Phillies, Game 2
« Reply #451: August 01, 2010, 10:14:06 AM »
[...]I really had mixed feelings. The wins have been great, but seeing those drunken inbred criminals swarm the park really makes for a relatively miserable experience. It tends to bring out the worst in a lot of us, because it is so frustrating to see how the organization just sells us out. It's tiresome to see how the staff there will treat regular attendees as outsiders and do nothing to control the Philly fan behavior and seat poaching. I don't know how many times people were getting up in rows in front of me as Philly fans were trying to fill in empty seats and then having to move when the people with the seats returned. The ushers should be told to harrass the Philly fans and do ticket checks constantly.

...sort of like the 'Steeltown Sociopaths' at Verizon Centre (still the 'gold standard' - for want of a better term - in rotten fans for my money) in the first few post-lock-out seasons at Caps-Penguins matches, before the Caps started selling out regularly.

Just out of curiosity: where within Nats Park has all this Philly-fan aggro been taking place? Up in the neighbourhood of TBSITH (Infield Gallery level behind home plate) there have been lots of 'Let's Go Phillies' but nothing out-of-hand - so far anyway.