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Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Rockies, Game 3 (L)
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Who did Jamey Carroll play with before the Nationals and why, last year, didn't he do to them what he's done to us?

Jamey was an Expo and came with the Nats.  He was with us the whole way since 2002.

 The Rockies have him out there everyday and he is repaying them ten-fold with outstanding performances.  He played very little for us in 05', not enough to get a bead on him and let him break out.

Blundering Bowden made a huge mistake letting him go for change.  The guy was a gamer, was well liked in the clubhouse, great work ethic, cripes, the exact kind of guy we need right now and we let him go.  :?

In other words, he came up through our farm system... :roll: