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Re: Nationals @ Reds, Game 2
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At least Nyjer has been getting on base the issue is getting timely hitting and score some runs they have to snap out of it evantually they can't suck this bad the rest of the year.

Nyjer runs himself off the bases way too often even with the recent uptick in OBP for him.  Even that improvement isn't great, .300 OBP in July, reached on 5 of 17 PAs (.294 OBP) since the break (4 singles, 1 BB, 1 SB, 1 CS), and that's not enough improvement after May (.286 OBP) and June (.290 OBP) for a leadoff hitter playing everyday.

At some point Riggleman absolutely must either drop Nyjer down to the 7/8 spot in the lineup or bench him for a while.