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Re: Nationals vs Giants, Game 1
« Reply #400: July 10, 2010, 01:47:09 PM »
In case anyone was was a great night to be at the ball park and an even better night to be on the Red Porch, Dunn's double hit two seats to my left and the Home Run went up into the lounge seats....
You guys realize that until this week, only Zimmerman had been hitting it up into the Red Seats, Dunn usually hits them into the right field seats.....

You're going to need to wear a helmet. 

I commented in this thread somewhere, Dunn is reallly starting to drive the ball left of center hard.  It's a great sign.  He's not only still got plenty of power, but he also put a single through the vacated SS spot when they were over shifting on him.  If he does much of that, the shift will die.  I heard him say once he thought it should be illegal.    :lol: