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Re: Nationals vs Padres, Game 1
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That was an AWESOME game to go to. I had a lot of fun. My record is now 2-3 (thanks Sunday :rant: ).

It was really awesome how mixed it was at the park. At some points it was really loud. Then in the 8th it was DEAD silent it felt like. My seats were up in the third deck behind home plate, really great view. Seeing that shot straight away to center from behind was so awesome.

Pet Peeve Revisited: Clint is a douche. He came up to our section to get people to cheer for the "Get Loud" part going into the bottom of the ninth. During the top, he rounded up people and had them sit in a section. He seemed to ignore the fact that Capps was currently pitching. He then started to start a chant to get some kids parents to join them saying "Come here red hat". During this chant, Capps was aiming to get a second out. It was obnoxious. It really "grinded my gears". I understand its his job but make it act like you're supporting the team.

hope you enjoyed MY seats ASS!

you owe me some beers.  8)