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Guess who?
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Wily Mo Pena On MLB Comeback Trail

Wily Mo Pena is trying to resurface in the MLB.

Pena, who has lost 25 pounds, has six homers and 29 RBIs in 32 games. Pena told freelance writer Ken Powtak, “I was just waiting at home for a couple of teams. They said, ‘We just want to see you play.’ I said, ‘I’ll go anywhere to play.’ . . . I’m just here to play, to do the best I can. I play every day. I’ve been working out a lot and doing a lot of running.’’ Pena still carries around his 2007 World Series ring with the Red Sox. “It’s in my locker . . . That’s a special memory of ’07. I take it with me everywhere I go. That was a special time for me.’’
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Our new starting RF? :lol:

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Re: Guess who?
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If I were him, someone who has only a claim to being a power hitter as an excuse for ever having played in the majors, I'm not sure I'd be bragging about having only six HRs in 32 games for the "Bridgeport Bluefish" in the Atlantic League after facing major league talent for several seasons. The article makes it sound like he's on his way to a comeback, but he has six home runs in 32 games for a team named the freaking Bluefish. He's batting .311, and all these stats would be actually pretty decent. If he were in AAA or facing anybody who had a shot at even making a AA club, I'd be impressed. But, did I mention yet, he's playing for the Bridgeport Bluefish? Some guys just don't know when it's best to count their millions they were extremely fortunate to make and ride off into the sunset.