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Excited about Preston
« Topic Start: July 20, 2005, 09:31:12 AM »
I'm really getting excited about Preston Wilson.  

He is hitting the ball hard.  Except when he gets hits, he has two real pop-up bloop hits, but he is marking hard outs.  

He is drawing walks. There have been some pitches that he has let go, that I am surprised he has not swung at, as many others do

He does seem to have legs.  I read that one of the Colorado reporters feels that he is just getting his mobility back.  And given that knee injuries arent what they used to be, as NFL running backs come back from them all the time and are effective.  

When he scored on Church's double last night, that was one of the more impressive hustle plays I've seen.  Nobody was expecting him to score. The ball didnt make it to the wall.  Most players are just content to make it to third.  He was hustling from his first step.  Maybe he can start to steal bases again.

Maybe this guy isnt just a 1 year rental. He could be here to stay. Albeit not at a 12mil/year rate.  But he might be starting to return to his old self.


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Excited about Preston
« Reply #1: July 20, 2005, 09:41:02 AM »
I agree with you 100% that the scoring play on Church's double was a great hustle play. I believe wilson is a great veteran to have, and even though playing in Colorado boosted his stats, He hits the gaps in RFK and is a very patient hitter at times. AND WASNT IT GREAT TO WATCH Z.DAY GET HIT BY HIS OLD TEAM!