Author Topic: A bit of Caps love from the Nats?  (Read 935 times)

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A bit of Caps love from the Nats?
« Topic Start: August 30, 2006, 11:28:16 PM »
A post I made on the Caps boards a while back:

I got home a while ago from tonight's Nats-Phillies match (we lost again, 5-1)...and in the bottom of the fifth inning, while Soriano was at bat (he struck out, as is normal latterly), there flashed on the signboards over left and right field a message: the CAPITALS logo in its normal mode (all caps with the big C and S at the ends, as in the logo at the top of these boards), along with and the Caps phone number 202-266-CAPS. No specific solicitations for tickets (either season or individual), and no verbal announcemnt over the tannoy about 'get your Caps tickets now' or 'let's go Caps' or anything else, but just those items on the signboards.

Very interesting (and very apt too, taking a shot at marketing the Caps among followers of a still-decently-supported team)...but what could it portend? Whose initiative was this, Lerner's or Leonsis'?

(Further odd bit: I just happened to be wearing a Caps T-shirt tonight.)

...but if it gets a few more people to come out to see the Caps this coming season...then it's definitely worthwhile.