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The Morning After
« Topic Start: July 19, 2005, 12:14:24 PM »

I am hoping this is rock bottom (tho I previously thought losing to Ohka was rock bottom).

As slumps go, this one is not monumental, but it sure isn't pleasant. Like all slumps, seem to have to get to the point where you're not hitting, not pitching and not fielding before it turns around (and in a few weeks seems like a dimly remembered nightmare).

I actually don't think the Nats were playing over their heads in the first half. I mean its not like they were 25 over .500.

I think despite the injuries they played relatively error free ball and got excellent relief pitching. That's more a case of playing up to potential.

Much as I think Nick should not be part of the Nats long term future (he just is too unreliable in terms of his injury history) Nats are sure missing him now.

Interesting that, on one hand, Nats (or at least Frank) are voicing their support for Guzman while - according to today's WP - are looking at dealing for Lugo from Tampa.

Course not the first team to say one thing and do another.

I am thinking shutout or close from Patterson 2NITE. Last few starts he's had bordering on no hit stuff and shown the ability to rise to the occasion.

(Course I thought Nats would hammer Rockies last night so what do I know?)