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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 1
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If he is so bad then what is Guzman?


the kid has great range but keeps on making small mistakes that should be routine to him. You only get better with time and practice.

Let him practice in Syracuse.

His defense from what I have seen is borderline amazing IF he stops making those peskey small mistakes

Evidently we have differing definitions of "pesky" and "small."  A pesky mistake is missing the cutoff man and allowing the runner to advance, and even that becomes a problem if it happens consistently (see: Morgan, Nyjer).  Leading the world at costing your team outs is a huge problem, not a small pesky mistake.

Who would you want Orr, Gonzalez? Yeah they wont make the small mistakes Desmond does but instead of a small slump Desmond is in they will bat 230 for the rest of the season

Desmond has been batting ~.260 with a barely-.300 OBP all season, and is .230 with a .265 OBP this month.  That is not a slump, that is a gaping chasm.

As for the slump Desmond is, well have you seen what Heyward was doing before going with the injury? Last 9 games he is 5 for 35 (142 BA), with 1 HR and 2 RBI's. But you dont see people freaking out, HES A ROOKIE.

The difference is that Heyward has 42 walks and 11 homeruns.  I seriously can't believe you even made that comparison.

They go through phases like this and Desmond will only get better from here. All I am saying is since we dont have anything else better lets just see what happens. If he doesnt manage to get out of the hole hes in then you send him to AAA and call up Orr.

You chide us for throwing away the season, but Desmond has already been doing that.  His range - which I humbly suggested is just a tad overrated by some here - does NOT make up for his multitude of boneheaded errors on routine plays.