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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 1
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No, we don't have to stick with Desmond. He is beyond awful. He isn't "close" to being a major league player. The level of play he is showing is what we have the minor leagues for. He needs to "rebound" (He's yet to be decent in the majors, so I'd say "learn") how to play baseball in AAA where the games don't count and people don't spend a crapload of money to watch the games. This attitude that we need to stick with these players makes no sense to me. The minor leagues exist so we don't have this level of amateurish play at this level of baseball. Desmond is young and a rookie, so you can't blame him the way you would a veteran. He just never should have been brought up to begin with and clearly needs a significant amount of time in AAA. Further, in AAA the focus is on teaching players a hell of a lot more than it is in the majors. They work on fielding and the basics down there, in the majors they assume you know that stuff already. If he has any chance of working out as a ball player, he needs to go to Syracuse tomorrow so he can work on this stuff with people who are paid to teach kids how to be ready for the majors. Not only is his level of play hurting us badly, but he's not in the environment that will best benefit him in the future either.

If he is so bad then what is Guzman? He beat him out in spring training, the kid has great range but keeps on making small mistakes that should be routine to him. You only get better with time and practice. His defense from what I have seen is borderline amazing IF he stops making those peskey small mistakes and Im sure anyone can agree with me. What we have in this organization beside is him, is basically nothing. Who would you want Orr, Gonzalez? Yeah they wont make the small mistakes Desmond does but instead of a small slump Desmond is in they will bat 230 for the rest of the season and people will cry once agian that this team is doomed. As for the slump Desmond is, well have you seen what Heyward was doing before going with the injury? Last 9 games he is 5 for 35 (142 BA), with 1 HR and 2 RBI's. But you dont see people freaking out, HES A ROOKIE. They go through phases like this and Desmond will only get better from here. All I am saying is since we dont have anything else better lets just see what happens. If he doesnt manage to get out of the hole hes in then you send him to AAA and call up Orr.