Author Topic: Nationals vs Royals, Game 1  (Read 10543 times)

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Re: Nationals vs Royals, Game 1
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Sorry about the delay, I went to run.  I hope so also(first step).  Just to me watching him in the box and his body motion makes me believe me is lost.  4 PA's tonight 3 walks great but another K(5 in a row this weekend) in the other.  Maybe we should send him some of the softcore stuff we are posting.

I don't mind K's either. I want him reunited with Reynolds. But I hear what you are saying, too. I saw him at the Peavy game with my own eyes swinging at garbage like a low A hitter. I hope today was the turnaround for him too. Maybe Lannan getting sent down shook off the complacency in the dugout.

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Re: Nationals vs Royals, Game 1
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