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Re: Anthony Rendon watch
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This years draft does appear to be very deep, so if we're picking 8-10, there will still be elite talent left.

I think it's a given that Rendon, Purke, and Cole go in the top 3, unless one falls for unreal salary demands. Gotta say though, if we had the top pick, pairing Purke with Strasburg would be pretty amazing.

I would imagine that after two years of high end talent, with high end bonuses, we'll be looking at landing someone we can get signed a bit sooner. First thought is Danny Hultzen. Rizzo appears to like college kids, so a lefty arm that is pretty local, and a legitimate talent seems to be the odds on favorite.

My favorite pick right now would be Henry Owens. He's a HSer so we'll see how that goes, but the kid knows how to pitch. 88-91 now, but as he bulks up is 6'5 200lb frame, he should get to 90-92 consistently. He's got great secondary stuff with command of them. I would say his upside is that of Barry Zito earlier in his career.