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Re: Nationals vs White Sox, Game 3
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In the first 35 Games (May 13), Kennedy started 26 times and came in as a sub 7 times.  He was .258 / .343 / .376 at that time. Over the next 14 games (May 28), Kennedy had 5 starts and 8 substitute appearance, and maintained his // line (.258 / .338 / .369). Over the next 20 games, he's appeared 13 times, with only 5 starts, 3 in Cleveland after he had had an extended benching.

Essentially, he became cold once Riggs began his Guzzie v. RHP obsession, not before, and the team turned cold right around the same time.

JCA, I have to take issue with those numbers.  Kennedy was .230/.290/.360 in April, then got very hot the first two weeks in May.  Painting him as a solid .260 hitter until he went in Riggleman's doghouse is rather misleading.

That said, I do agree that the extended bench time is killing him.  What's the joke about Morse?  Something about Riggleman's daughter?  I guess Kennedy must have set them up, because  I can't think of any other reason for Riggs to be snubbing him so hard that doesn't apply equally to Guzman.