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Ok, just signed into iTunes on our new laptop. I got a message stating that I owed them just under $20 due to a purchase not being covered by my credit card or some crap like that. Now they've had my phone numer and adress on file since I moved here in 2007. This purchase they say is dilinquent or whatever? October 19, 2009. WTF? They just now figuring that out? I've never received a single message from them regarding a payment issue. Of all things, it was on 2 Outlaws downloads :lol:

For crying out loud... Any suggestions for a remedy?

So I email iTunes and tell them my issue. They essentially told me that until I "pay" for the two albums that were unauthorized by my credit card or whatever, I'll be unable to access the music I bought and paid for via iTunes as well. I'm really starting to get pissed off at this point.