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Re: iThread (AKA Apple Thread)
« Reply #875: December 01, 2012, 11:47:56 AM »
So here's a dumb problem: I added a screen lock to my 3-year-old MacBook Pro right before leaving town a few weeks ago (using the same password that I have used on this machine since I bought it), and for some inexplicable reason, it now does not work.  I tried using the "change password" utility after putting in the OS.X install disk and booting up while holding down the C key as instructed. 
This seems to have allowed me to reset the password, but then I found a curious catch-22 where it said something to the effect that this would not change my login password, which had to be changed through "keychain permissions".  What in the blue freaking hell??  Jesus, if I worked in IT I would be in prison right now for major felonious property damage if not homicide.  The specific message is "Password saved: The password you entered has been saved for the user XXXXXX. Resetting a password does not change the password for the user's login keychain so it will not be unlocked automatically. Use Keychain Accessto reset the password for the user's login keychain."
But one presumably needs to be logged in to change "keychain access" settings, no?  Oh the jet-lagged brain is verklempt.
Just for argument's sake, what would be the downside to actually going ahead and reinstalling the OS?  I have a lot of stuff on my hard drive (photos, music, documents, etc etc...would those be affected?