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I thought they basically put their version of widgets in the knockoff dropdown bar?

I got my wife an iphone a few weeks ago after getting tired of listening to her complain about her LG Cosmos feature phone.  So far, no complaints, and she's figured out how to do everything she wants with the iPhone.   And, she is decidedly "non techie."  I think that's the thing people miss when they attack Apple, the devices aren't met for geeks who want to dig into tech specs, they are meant for people who actually want to "use" the devices.

Another case in point - my company just switched to "pick your own smartphone" for our business cell phones.  Most of the techies went with Android, most of the non-techies went with iPhone.  The few non-techies that picked Android phones are struggling, complaining, and wishing they had iPhones.  I asked our tech guys how many trouble tickets they have gotten from iPhone users, the answer  was 'zero.'  Meanwhile, the techies love the fact they can customize every bell and whistle on the android phone and aren't limited by the Apple App Store.   Two different worlds, two different classes of devices.

This is the biggest load of bull that is constantly trotted out by Apple users.  Android *can* be a techie phone but it is by no means difficult to "just use".  Cognitive biases play into most of your anecdotes.  Also "I bought my wife a Mercedes after listening to her complain about her Toyota Tercel."