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Re: iThread (AKA Apple Thread)
« Reply #850: September 13, 2012, 05:15:54 PM »
I'm not even hating here, but I just wasn't impressed by anything I saw yesterday.  Seems like they played it safe and did the bare minimum on all fronts.  LTE, bigger screen, faster.  Sounds like every phone launch ever.  It's mostly about the software these days anyway.  I'm still pretty happy with my 2-year old Galaxy S classic owing to the fact that I've been able to update it to 2.3, then 4.0, and now 4.1.  I'll probably upgrade when the next Google phone drops, but I don't expect it's going to dramatically change anything for me.

I have a 3 month-old AT&T iPhone 4s.  I'm jealous of the larger screen size, thinner body, and most especially LTE.   However, my 4s will run iOS 6.0 so I'll get a lot of the new bells and whistles.