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Re: iThread (AKA Apple Thread)
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I've had the macbook loaner from work for almost 2 years now and I like it a lot.  I'm a hardware snob and it's very hard to find a notebook that isn't full of compromises.  Unless price is your foremost concern, it's hard to objectively deny that macbooks are some of the nicest notebooks out there.  I use my self-built desktop for heavy lifting anyway, so all I really require from a notebook is long battery life, a decent screen & touchpad, and that it not feel like a cheap piece of crap.

My company machine is a 3 year old 15" Macbook Pro and I'm up for replacement very early next year.  I've been a Macbook Pro user since around 2003.  They've asked me what I wanted and I asked for a 13" Macbook Air.  To me that's the ultimate Apple device, as light as an iPad, but with all the functionality of a laptop (and the open OS).  Plus, the solid state drive means it boots up instantly.  If I had one, I couldn't see needing/wanting an iPad.  But I would certainly take an iPad as an alternative to traveling with the current Macbook.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Air shows up on my doorstep in January or February.