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Re: iThread (AKA Apple Thread)
« Reply #625: March 07, 2012, 11:25:37 PM »
Eh, between the laptop and phone, probably not a huge upgrade. But I bet you'd be shocked how you use it primarily to surf the web if you bought one. If you are any kind of reader, like I said, maybe try the Fire and see what you think. Instantly flipping to your tablet to look something up, not having to wait for a laptop to boot... You'd be shocked how much you'll use it if/when you get one, I'd be willing to bet.

Who the hell regularly boots anything anymore?

Really, aside from the camera and the display, iPad1-3 isn't a big upgrade. And you'd be getting a quad core processor, but assume  most apps are written to work fine with the first... Its a waste of money upgrading iPads. Going from iPad to Android, or vice versa, the cost makes sense. $700 to get a camera and a way, way, way overdone display? Not so much.

So your android tablet was superior to the iPad because of the specs like quad core processor, but now the iPad getting a quad core processor is no big upgrade?  :crazy: