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I must admit I'm tempted by a $399 IP2, but probably not enough to go out and impulse buy it.

Do you have any tablet right now? If not, I don't think you'd regret buying one... I do all my WNFF reading and posting from my tablet now, for example. My PC has become almost dead weight. That said, I'd once again make my argument to take a look at Android over iOS. If you don't own a tablet now, maybe even go cheapy cheap and get a Fire, see how you like it, and assume if you use it as much as you are almost certain to, upgrade later and have a nice eReader as a bonus. I can see arguments for and against the iPad3 over Android tablets... but an iPad2, unless you're a hardcore Apply guy with a ton of Apple devices, you get more bang for your buck with an Android tablet plus a far freer OS. The $400 just isn't low enough for Apple to compete with quad core, near HD screens with 6-8mp cameras that you can get via Android for $300-500, IMO, biased though it may be. That said, I couldn't even talk my parents into an Android over wasting money for an iPad3 from an iPad1, so unfortunately Google has an uphill battle even with a mildly superior, in most ways, product.