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Re: iThread (AKA Apple Thread)
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It's much easier to lounge around reading or watching tv on an ipad than a laptop

I'm going to have to disagree, at least for 13"-sized computers like the base macbook or smallest macbook pro.  The only situation where I see it potentially being "easier" is perhaps if you're lying on your back, and even then the ipad demands a lot more arm movement that you generally wouldn't need to do with a touchpad-based device.

Matter of opinion of course, but I just can't see dropping the money on an ipad when you can get a drastically more capable device for not that much more money.  I like the ipad from a purely gadgetlust perspective, but I just can't relate to the niches it supposedly fills.  I also feel like using a 10" touchscreen requires a lot more physical effort than a 3-4" touchscreen.  Just not my cup of tea.