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So, would it be worth it to get an Iphone 4 when the 5's come out?  I've been thinking about making the switch to fancy phone land and am pretty close to pulling the trigger.  Assuming they slash prices on the 4's, will the upgrades be worth the extra $300 or so it would cost me to go with the shiny new toy?

rumors are iphone 4 goes to like $99 with the 5 being higher end. I'm going to upgrade my 3g to the 4 (mostly because the 3g is unbearably slow running the current ios and loading webpages and my wife's 4 seems really fast, however, apple has a tendency to release OS updates that all but brick their phones that are more than a generation old. I figure kindle fire +iphone 4 >iphone 5 at probably the same price point