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Ummm... Okay, Steve Jobs apparently lurks here. An hour ago I got the shipping notification for my new iPad!!! Delivered on March 22nd, so I've still got a wait. But damn am I excited. I got the engraving on the back to say "The National's Scorekeeper" since I keep score of all games I attend using it. I refer to the iPad as the Scorekeeper, not trying to make it sound like I'm the official scorekeeper or anything like that. Was limited how much you could fit on one line or I would have expanded it to make it slightly more clear.

Anyway, I can't wait until the 22nd! Even already having an iPad, it's got enough new stuff to make me excited for it. Plus, due to financial constraints and not thinking I'd use it *that* much, I only got the smallest gig version, and only wifi. So upgrading to 64gig, plus biting the bullet and paying AT&T ludicrous monthly amounts for 3G access is going to be a huge difference. It'll be nice to have interweb access wherever I go instead of being constrained to WiFi hotspots, hoping there's one nearby. So thanks Steve Jobs lurking at WNFF, you didn't waste any time after my post.