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I'm really starting to get pissed off at Apple. I bought my iPad last Thursday night about twenty minutes after it went on sale at 4am. Figured I could wait a week, instead of standing in line for hours like I did a year ago and then risk them not even having enough of the model I wanted (64gig AT&T 3G)

I wasn't thrilled it said ships in 3-5 days, but figured whatever. Now here we are, nearly a week post order, and it still hasn't even shipped yet. I got my wireless keyboard already from the same order, and my new black leather cover shipped out on Monday. This is inexcusable that I was one of the very first to place an order online, and it looks like I might not get it until April at this point. If anyone ever considers buying a new Apple product on their website versus waiting in line in the future, do yourself a favor and don't. I might end up looking to see if I can get it at a store in another week or so if I can cancel my order, which I probably can't since items have already shipped. I just know I am quite pissed off that they screwed up the online ordering of it so badly. For the first iPad, I remembered reading how easy and fast online orders were, which is what prompted me to not go out last Friday at 5PM. A mistake if ever there was one. Thankfully I do have the original still, so I'm not shaking and going nuts waiting for it. But there's no excuse to handle such a major release so poorly.