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I have full service almost everywhere I go.  And Verizon's 3G speed of 800 kbps max, at least here, is laughably referred to a "broadband".  I just now tested my iPhone and pulled 3.6 mbps, and that's what I usually average.  This is using the app on both iPhone and Verizon Android devices. in itself is laughable.  It's nice for testing theoretical maximums but trying to actually get that 3.6 from half a dozen different real-world sites would probably be an exercise in futility.  In any case I generally get 600 to 1200kbps with Verizon depending on where I am, and it's more than sufficient.  Page loads are quick and I never have any trouble with consistency of access, which is far more important.  The only time pure speed has ever mattered is for downloads, and if I'm downloading something big enough to care about the difference between 1mbit and 2, I'd prefer WiFi over either.