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How about this, I've had jobs doing tech support and building computers, so I don't consider myself a complete idiot, I like the whole 'it works walled garden' for my family computer. I also prefer Mac os's user interface

Never said you were an idiot, just saying that most of the bogus reasons people come up with for buying a Mac are just that - bogus.  It almost always really boils down to personal aesthetic preference, which is fine.  I'm not judging anyone for liking Macs.  I think they're very nice.  I prefer to run Windows on mine, but I use the Mac side sometimes too.  And iOS is a walled garden (mostly).  Mac OS is not.  In fact, I would go as far as to say that hardware is Apple's biggest advantage these days, not OS differences.  Apple notebooks are MUCH nicer than most of their PC counterparts, and usually have better batteries to boot.