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Re: Nationals @ Indians, Game 1
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Were you watching at the end of last season when Nyjer was the only thing worth watching?

Nyjer doesn't have to go, he needs to see a shrink.

But I can't argue about Kennedy and Harris. For whatever reason, Harris has dropped way off. Kennedy is trading on his past.

the problem is nyjer only played for a short period of time and then he got hurt, so it seems like he was amazing when in reality he may of just had a hot streak and then went down.  come on - the guy is a horrible base stealer and has given up 1-2 inside the park home runs in less than 60 games.  his on base average sucks - i see no upside to him and i think bernidina is better is better in center anyway.  also get that hom(o) "t-plush" garbage out of here.  he's a minor leaguer