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7 market share (14.46%) has passed Vista's (14.34%) but both, combined, still trail XP (61.87). :shock:

This HAS to be corporate users' doing.  Consumers can't still be running the same XP install they've had for the past 3, 5, 7...10 years, can they?  How is this possible?  Considering I have a Technet subscription (and MSDN subscription on top of that!) and am a compulsive OS installer, I install Windows a dozen plus times a year.  Admittedly, I'm "unusual" but do these people just never reinstall their OS, continuing to use that XP install from years ago or are the installing XP over and over again?  

I'd find that even more interesting, someone who has the skill set to reinstall Windows but never upgrades their OS and keeps installing XP!