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Re: Microsoft thread
« Reply #100: October 31, 2010, 10:39:47 PM »
hey dudes.

I am stuck with a windows mobile phone. no, not windows phone 7, windows mobile. 6.1. HTC Touch Diamond. its on my family's massive plan (like 7 or 8 phones) so i am not in a rush to dump it, since i am not paying for it anyway.

terrible story that involves my wife's blackberry, a ton of water, and my(former) blackberry.

anyhow, i have never used WinMo before, ever, but i am getting the hang of it.

some questions:

the windows live application let me sign up using my gmail account. does that mean my gmail account is is also my windows live messenger username?

i am using windows mobile 6.1. i know i can't upgrade to windows phone 7. but is it at all possible to upgrade this HTC Touch Diamond to Windows mobile 6.5? if so, could one of you that knows how to flash it, upgrade it for me, so that I don't do something stupid and brick my phone?

is there a suitable email client for windows mobile besides outlook?