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Re: Microsoft thread
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^^That won't remove background startups automatically though.  There's really no way around doing that manually unless you simply disable all of it, which while effective at speeding things up will - for the typical user - usually disable at least one or two things that are actually needed.

Here's my favorite way to establish a baseline for a "clean" startup:  start, run, "msconfig" <ok>, go to the "services" tab, check "hide all microsoft services" then disable everything else that's left (uncheck it).

Next, click the "startup" tab and click "disable all"

Hit OK, reboot.  There are a few types of programs that will re-insert themselves into the startup list even when you do this, but for most cases this - in addition to running ccleaner - will give you as close to "new" as you can get.

(attached some screenshots to illustrate what i'm talking about)
Those your screen shots?  Looks like it must be a nice machine :P