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Re: Microsoft thread
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Netbook I suppose.  Doesn't it have some weird stipulation about only 3 apps open at a time or some such nonsense?

My netbook. Just upgraded from 1 to 2 GB ram and I'm rolling right along. Streaming video works fine in high performance mode. These little atom processors seem pretty great (I went with the 32 bit one at costco for the return policy, in case i decided I hate the thing, could have gotten the 64 bit one from amazon, but the old model has a bigger HD for mp3s and movies). iTunes was taxing the thing :(, so I upped the ram, but I've been compiling code on it even. First time I ever went with Cygwin instead of a Linux install (for obvious reasons on the netbook), and it works great.

No application limits, Homegroups work, remote access works, everything I need works. I don't use Media Center, it really seems fine. Microsoft even screwed up a limited OS :lol: