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Nationals vs Reds, Game 2
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Gameday Thread: Anagram Edition!

Cacti Dinner Sin (31-24) vs. A Tantalising Nosh Won (27-29)
Alike Meek vs. Anal Oil Suit
Game 2

Satan Loin Park, Washington, DC
7:05 P.M. local time (6:05 P.M. houston-nat time), June 5, 2010

SS Adorable Rancor
2B Barn Dolphin Lips
1B Vet Joy Too
3B Colt Stoner
RF Jar By Cue
LF Nosy Men Jog
CF Snickers Orchid
C Rand-Menorah Zen
P Alike Meek

A Tantalizing Nosh Won (MAY NOT BE ACTUAL LINEUP)
CF Jenny Or Gram
2B Naked Men Day
3B Zany Merman Rim
1B Dad Am Nun
LF Josh Willingham*
RF Bargainer Drone
SS Damned Ions
C Oral Doom Scandal
P Anal Oil Suit

*Okay, I'm sorry, but the anagrams for Josh Willingham all SUCK. For example: "Jam Shilling Who."