Author Topic: For those of you who think David Ecksten isn't very good...  (Read 219 times)

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I respectuflly disagree.

Quote from: Jason Stark
Wednesday's game-tying hit marked the seventh time in his career that Eckstein came to bat, with his team one out from defeat, and did something that either tied the game, or put his team in the lead.

Two active players have done that more times than Eckstein has- Manny Ramirez and Aramis Ramirez each have eight such RBI to their credit. Ichiro Suzuki also has seven.
Eckstein has come to bat 29 times in the ninth inning or later in a regular season or postseason game in the following situation.

* One out from defeat

* Opportunity to tie game (one-run down, or representing tying/winning run)

He's succeeded in either extending the game, or putting his team ahead, with either a hit, walk, or hit by pitch 13 times. That's a 45 percent success rate. Wow.

Eckstein is the master of that situation. He owns it. The pitcher might be afraid. But he isn't.

I imagine that there were times in Little League that Eckstein heard what I did. "That kid's an easy out."

I was. He wasn't.

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I never wanted to face him with the game on the line while the team was in SD. Too many ways he can just place the ball where our fielders aren't to win the game.