Author Topic: Marlins Selling Unused Tickets from Halladay's Perfect Game  (Read 686 times)

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Marlins selling Halladay tickets at 'face'

Associated Press

MIAMI -- Here's a chance to buy tickets to a guaranteed perfect game -- the one Roy Halladay already threw. The Florida Marlins will begin selling on Tuesday unused tickets to the game in which the Philadelphia Phillies ace pitched the 20th perfect game in major league history, a 1-0 victory over the Marlins on Saturday.  All tickets will be regularly priced at "face value" and on sale both online and through the Marlins' box office.

Paid attendance that night was about 25,000, a relatively large crowd for a Marlins' home game. By comparison, Florida drew a paid crowd of 10,115 -- its smallest of the season -- for Monday's game against Milwaukee.

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Face value?  FACE VALUE???  Are they kidding?  Face value for a game that's already been played?

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I'm sure Lerner thinks this is a wonderful idea and is longing to sell Nationals unused tickets.  :?   :$$$:

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And some fat assed Philly fan will be telling all his buddies how he was at the game.

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  • it's a thumb

Lorias Are Cheap :lol:

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  • Take two of these 30 minutes before first pitch.
White Sox did this last year too after Buehrle's PG.

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So every idiot can claim they were there and have the ticket stub to proove it?

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Loria shouldn't stop there, he should start selling the gum and tobacco from the dugout floor. 

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White Sox did this last year too after Buehrle's PG.
As did the A's after Braden's.

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They had a ton of guys on the street last night trying to buy up all the used ticket stubs.

I was asked for mine. I said I'll give it to him for 50. He said 5.

I still have my ticket stub.