Author Topic: Derek Norris Potenially Serious Injury  (Read 2687 times)

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Re: Derek Norris Potenially Serious Injury
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Understood, but I don't see why big news on prospects doesn't belong in the Farm. 

When I visit WNFF on those rare occasions   :-[  I click on "Show unread posts since last visit" and usually read from the bottom up, so I catch everything without regard for which group it belongs to.  Perhaps that's not typical, but I've grown used to the structure and it's useful to keep it maintained without making arbitrary exceptions.  That being said, if Chief disagrees, he's not shy about jumping in and moving stuff around again.

oh i could careless where we put it, i just thought it was big of enough news to warrant clubhouse no big deal.

it sounds like norris is okay, thankfully.