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Justify This Move
« Topic Start: July 18, 2005, 11:12:31 PM »
FR brings in Carroll to pinch hit for Church, ostensibly because it gives us better odds against the southpaw Fuentes.  (Although Church actually has been hitting lefties at a .300 clip.)  FR can also argue that Carroll would've gone on to replace Vidro (if the game had been extended) and stay in Church's spot in the batting order.  Byrd would've had to go into left field and take over Vidro's no. 2 spot.  Assuming the Chief goes another inning, it would've left us with only Gary Bennett on the bench to pinch hit for either Guzman or the pitcher!  How smart would that have been???  

It made absolutely no sense for FR - and his so called "gut instinct" - to overmanage in that situation.  Church could've ended the game right there with a gapper or a jack.  Carroll is a base-to-base, singles hitter.  It was a ridiculous, low-percentage move that typifies FR's skill as a strategist.