Author Topic: Gameday Thread: Nationals vs Braves, Game 3 (Curly W)  (Read 11668 times)

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Well, I think I have to go downstairs only when the Nats are at bat, right?  

Um, can I take my beverage with me?
"Beverage" what are you Tom some kind a high brow rich goober?  What is it..."Perrier"?  LOL...I bet it's Milwaukee's Best.   :lol:

LOL, I'm embarrassed to say, but it was cold water, not even any of that fizzy stuff.

Course my wife and I had already split a bottle of pinot grigio, which washed down the grilled dolphin and pesto pasta.

So ... when you scrape your nose off the ceiling ... care to share any of the grape with the rest of the board ... you know camp rules ... bring enough for all to share!

I kid because I love :)