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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 2
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I was kidding anyway, just stunned that JMad, who was equally entrenched, flipped to the other side of the argument.

Again, ideally, Lannan pitches 200 innings this season. I don't WANT him to fail, I'm just annoyed because the bullpen is exhausted.

Pitch Limit does not = "let him Prove he's healthy". It means "he is hurt but we don't want to DL him and we are hoping it is not serious"

which means that it IS serious, and they may as well DL him.

however, I did not agree with just flat out demoting him because he had 4 bad starts.  if you think he is hurt, then DL him though, don't wussyfoot around.

putting him on a pitch count is just extra measures that we don't have time for. either he is hurt, or he isn't. if he isn't, then let him go as far as he can and prove it. if he is, then stop bullcrapting and put him on the DL instead of waiting until he needs TJ surgery to do it.