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Re: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 3
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They're paying Dunn 10m a year, you don't think they'd be willing to pay that much for a starter of JJ's caliber?

They're paying Dunn 12 million this year and while I believe they would pay that much for a starter of JJ's caliber, as you asked, I doubt they would pay both Dunn AND JJ at this point in time. I'm only basing that on their 4 year history with the Nationals. The one thing to consider is that we have 20 million coming off the books again this year when you figure in Guzman's and Dunn's expiring contracts. Of course it would be wise for them to use most of that to re-sign Dunn. Dunn can try to test the FA market and see if he can get 20 million after Howard's deal but I see no way in the world he gets it. I could be wrong on that but I just don't see it. But if they ink him to a reasonable extension that should still leave some money to use towards improving the team without even exceeding this year's salary number! But at some point they have to increase that number, at least I hope so.